Lyalvale 20G Supreme Game 30g 5Lyalvale 20G Supreme Game 30g 5Lyalvale 20G Supreme Game 30g 5

Lyalvale 20G Supreme Game 30g 5

Our Ref No : 13063
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Colour: Fibre Wad Size: x250
Low recoil, fast consistent patterns
True 65mm 2 1/2 inch cases.
Full biodegradable driving wad and card obturator
Loaded on modern machinery unique to Lyalvale Express with pneumatic overpowder card seating for consistent ballistics
The Special Game Fibre Range of Lyalvale Express Game Cartridges are designed to kill cleanly and effectively.All these cartridges are loaded with Vectan Powders made in Brittany, France. The shot is made to our specifications at a specialist lead shot manufacturing facility. Quality control includes checking the Antimony and other hardener contents as well as sphericity and surface imperfections thus ensuring very uniform patterns for a clean kill. The fibre wad is designed to protect the shot and prevent the wad from scattering the shot when the shot leaves the muzzle.The result of all the technical improvements is a range of superb cartridges made specifically for the Game enthusiast. Special Game 25, 28, 30 & 32 grams