Twitch Guinea Pig Crunch 2kg

Twitch Guinea Pig Crunch 2kg

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Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch.

Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch is a tasty and nutritious food designed to make sure your guinea pig receives a balanced, healthy diet. It contains extra vitamin C in a protected form (200mg/kg) which is essential to keep your guinea pig healthy, and linseed to help promote a healthy skin and lustrous coat.

No artificial colours or flavours
At Wagg we use colours from a mineral source found in nature and we don't add artificial flavours to any of our foods.

Protected vitamin c
With protected vitamin C which is essential for your guinea pig's health.

Improved digestion
With quality sources of fibre and yeast extracts to help promote a healthy digestion.

Strong immune system
Our combination of vitamins A, C & E with carefully selected trace elements, help support a healthy immune system.

Apple & grape
With tasty apple and grape.

Healthy skin & lustrous coat
With added linseed to help promote a healthy, supple skin and lustrous coat.
Wheat, Peas, Oatfeed, Wheatfeed, Flaked Soya, Oats, Flaked Maize, Lucerne, Sunflower Ext., Whole Maize, Vegetable Oil, Apple (4% in green pellet), Grape (4% in green pellet), Grass, Carob Meal, Minerals, Linseed, (0.4%), Yeast (0.04%), Peppermint, Parsley.