Air Rifles

Air Rifles are great whether you intend to use them to hunt for game or you just enjoy shooting, and here at Cambers Country Stores we have weapons that have been perfectly designed to do both. From guns for beginners to guns for the seasoned veteran, our choice of air rifle models is truly impressive and we also offer used options as well so you can maximise your budget.

Only .177 is the caliber accepted by all international 10-meter shooting organisations. That means all target guns are made in that caliber and no other. The extra care given to the construction of target guns ensures that .177 target airguns are the most accurate.

While is is possible to hunt with a .177, .22 caliber is by far the favourite. Sometimes, a .177 pellet will pass through the game animal without doing enough severe damage to stop the animal. Hunters who have had their quarry run away after a solid hit often switch to .22 immediately thereafter.

Whether you prefer target shooting or simply looking to hone your skills with some practice, our targets are the perfect solution to your needs. Click here to see what we have.

Looking for air rifle pellets? Click here to view our range.

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