At Cambers, we are passionate about equine nutrition, which is why stock a huge array of feed and supplements for leisure and performance horses.

Making sure that you select the correct feed is vital for ensuring that your horse gets the nutritional benefits that it needs for a happy and healthy lifestyle. Vet bills can often be high so why not give your horse the best chance of keeping those visits away with the best feed to support their diet?

With such a wide variety of dietary requirements, we at Cambers makes sure that we stock the best and most well-known brands including Dodson & Horrell, Allen & Page, Dengie and many others. These household names provide you with the a range of options to suit your horses age, needs and taste.

If you are feeding a quality commercially prepared feed, and you are feeding within the recommended amount for your size horse, then vitamin and mineral supplements are not needed, and often recommended against. However, some can be very beneficial when it comes to gut health, hoof and coat care and joint care. Most supplements can be given to the horses by adding to their feed or in a lick form.

Our low prices, coupled with a fantastic delivery cost and service aim to give our customers the ultimate shop experience for equine feed and supplements, so check out our range today.

For any questions then please contact us on 01952 510481, or why not pop in and see us!