It’s important to feed your pet the right dog food and treats for its age, size and breed. Cambers has a huge choice of dry and wet dog food which makes it easy to find the food your dog needs for a long, happy life.

At Cambers, we understand that despite the popularity of certain brands, your dog can often be or become a fussy eater, which is why we stock a wide variety of brands including Pedigree, Bakers, Dr. John, Gelert, Sneyds, Symply Wagg among others.

With our wide ranging selection of dog feed, we try to cater for as many nutritional requirements and allergies as possible. If you don’t see a particular product supplied by one of our brands, contact us and see if we can get it ordered for you. Our staff are friendly and knowledgeable and will strive to make sure that your dog gets the food it needs.

Dog treats can be used in several different ways, including as a healthy supplement or for use as positive reinforcement when training or out and about. Browse our range below, and also read this interesting article on how and when to give your dog treats. Click here for the article.

Our low prices, coupled with a fantastic delivery cost and service aim to give our customers the ultimate shop experience for dog food & treats, so check out our range today.

For any questions then please contact us on 01952 510481, or why not pop in and see us!