At Cambers, we stock a huge variety of cat food to ensure that your cat not only enjoys what they eat, but benefits their health. This is why alongside traditional wet and dry food, we offer treats to give your cat a reward during training, as a calming aid or to help supplement any health requirements.
Throughout your cat’s life, the type of food you need to provide them will change. This is why we offer such products as kitten milk, which is vitamin rich and easier to digest than cow’s milk.
Dry complete diets have some specific plus points – they are convenient, easy to measure and use, easier to store, and have a longer shelf-life once opened than wet foods. Some may also help to remove plaque from the teeth.
Some cats simply prefer wet food’s aroma and texture, and it can still be very convenient with single-serve formats ensuring a fresh, easy-to-serve meal each time. Cats who eat wet food will eat more in one sitting rather than going back and forth, and will drink less as there is higher water content in wet food than in dry food.
However, don’t be afraid to combine both wet and dry cat food. The combined benefits will help your cat’s health and it is all about creating the right balance of taste, enjoyment, value and advantages.
Our low prices, coupled with a fantastic delivery cost and service aim to give our customers the ultimate shop experience for cat food, so check out our range today.
For any questions then please contact us on 01952 510481, or why not pop in and see us!

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