Cambers has a great selection of fish feed, for both tropical and cold water fish.

Flakes are the most common type of processed foods, and are available in a very wide variety. Some flakes are engineered to provide the nutritional requirements of specific varieties or species of fish, and others are designed to counter nutritional imbalances, while still others are balanced to enhance color or growth or to encourage spawning.

Pellets are available in forms that are denser or lighter than water. This allows the fish to feed in a more natural way – if the right pellet is provided. Some fish prefer to feed off the bottom of the tank while others prefer to feed off the surface. Like flakes, pelleted foods are available in many varieties, each with a specific purpose.

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Our low prices, coupled with a fantastic delivery cost and service aim to give our customers the ultimate shop experience for fish feed, so check out our range today.

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