Wild Bird Feed

From sparrows to starlings, blue tits to blackbirds, we know that you love to see wild birds visiting your garden. Here at Cambers, we stock a huge range of products such as wild bird feed, treats and feeders, helping you to keep them coming back every day. We understand that the right wild bird feed is essential, which is why we stock major brands such as Bucktons, & Peckish.

With such a wide variety of wild bird feed on the market, it is important to get the right balance to make sure you attract the right birds to your garden, which is why at Cambers, we aim to cover wild bird feed for as many species as possible. Below is a range of specific feeds, or if you are looking for a general mix, then check out our blends.
The seed that attracts the widest variety of birds, and so the mainstay for most garden bird feeders, is sunflower. Other varieties of seed can help attract different types of birds to round out your garden visitors.
Peanuts – Being high in fats and protein, peanuts are a favourite with tits, finches, nuthatches and woodpeckers.
Sunflower Seeds – Many birds are attracted to sunflower seeds as they are rich in protein and unsaturated fats.
Nyjer Seeds – Rich in fat, nyjer seeds are a favourite of finches.
Fruits – Fruits are a great bird food as they have a high water content and are energy-rich with simple sugars.

Looking for more information? Why not check out this fantastic guide by the RSPB to find out more about which feed is best to provide garden birds. Click here for the guide.
For any questions then please contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff at sales@cambers.com or why not pop in and see us!

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