As the memories of the game season fast fade away and the days lengthen our attention turns to the discipline of clay pigeon shooting.

For some, it is a good way of keeping their eye in, while for others it becomes an absorbing, competitive and social event.

The most common and popular discipline within clay shooting is the sporting layout. The idea behind the sporting layout in most cases is to try and replicate the flight path of various forms of quarry.

This will be often in the format of High Pheasant, Springing Teal or crossing Crow.

For most people that shoot game, their game guns will be perfectly acceptable to use, but if not we often have new and second hand clay specific guns in stock.

The clay gun will often be a little more weighty, and possibly with up to 32” barrels. The idea of the extra weight is to help absorb the high level of shooting over a relatively short time.

The extra barrel length is seen to help smooth out the swing.  For those that wish to practise their clay shooting out of the view of spectators, we sell besides the standard clay, Midi, Mini, Battue and Rabbit clay.

The Standard, Rabbit and Battue all measure 110mm, while the Mid and Mini are 90 & 60mm, respectively.

The clay cartridge is specific to the sport, in that it generally a harder lead that offers less deformation leading to higher feet per second speeds. They are also loaded with smaller shot sizes, such as 7.5, 8 or even 9’s.

The bigger the number indicates the smaller and more shot per cartridge.

Other items that make an interesting spectacle are the ever popular exploding patches that can be stuck to the underside of the larger targets.


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