Redback Boots Now In Stock At Cambers Country Stores!!

These authentic, 100% Australian-made safety footwear are built to support and protect your feet in even the toughest work conditions. Redback work boots are worn by firefighters, farmers and mechanics, just to name a few. You will certainly find a Redback to suit your needs ans style.

So, what makes Redback boots different to other boots on the market?

The Redback sole has been designed in consultation with leading podiatrists. The Anatomic wedge sole profile is designed to reduce arch flexion (sagging), subsequent foot fatigue and referred leg and backache. This profile encourages normal foot functioning including maintaining forefoot flexibility, fore-to-hind foot and heel stability.

What type of leather is in Redback boots?

Redback boots have a 2.4mm-2.6mm thick Full Grain premium Cowhide upper. Our leathers are 2.5mm to 2.7mm thick, this is 20% stronger than normal work boots. The full chrome, oiled tannage means that all your boots are more resistant to hardening and cracking and hold their shape longer.

What is the toecap rating?

All Steel Toes withstand 200 joules impact resistance.