With the clocks now having moved forward an hour, over a month ago, there is now time to enjoy the garden come the evening.

Then you notice that some of the container grown plants need splitting, so it is time to pop down to Cambers to pick up compost, that happens to be on special offer, whether you decide on the standard Clover compost or try the John Innes enriched variety.

It is then that you spot the buy one, get one free on the frost proof Yorkshire pots.

As the weather improves the weed seeds, that have sat dormant on your paths and driveways decide to make themselves known and seem to grow faster, than anything that you have spent time propagating with care in the greenhouse.

A quick application of Pathclear, will put paid to them and should stop their germination for the rest of the year, leaving you more time to enjoy your garden.

For those with a larger slice of England green and weed invested land, we now have a commercial strength Glyphosate, available to the public.

Used correctly Glyphosate will sort out the most stubborn of weeds, leaving the ground ready to replant with the desired crop or ornamental plants.

As you sit enjoying the early days of Summer, do not forget to stock up on charcoal.

Then your mind wanders to the raised bed, the new path…..so where will  you find geotextile, new sleepers, decorative gravels at a competitive price………..Cambers Country Stores.